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Wavee's electric toothbrush speaker system beautifully blends our commitment to effective oral care with modern technology.

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Your Smile Matters

You only get one chance with your teeth, make it count.

Dentist Love Us

Dental professionals across North America and Asia all smile behind our innovative product.

Details That Matter

From built-in Amazon Alexa compatibility to the optional wall mount, the W-1 is the perfect combination of modern functionality and design.

Steady Service

Never forget to change your toothbrush head with our subscription service. Receive a new head in your mailbox every 3 months.

Say Hello to the W-1

A New Reason to Get Up in the Morning

Feel the Power

With 3 custom brushing modes and a 48,000 RPM motor, plaque doesn't stand a chance. Give your teeth a dentist-like cleaning in your bathroom every day.

always on time

The W-1 is equipped with a 30-second quadrant timer and automatically stops after 2 minutes, ensuring each cleaning is thorough and complete


Forget about your cell phone's muffled speaker. No matter the size or layout of your bathroom, the W-1 fills it with high quality omni-directional sound delivering hours of audio pleasure.


The W-1 provides plenty of wireless freedom. The toothbrush will typically last a whopping 25 days on a full and the speaker provides up to 8 hours of audio.


The W-1 is built with an IPX5 water resistance rating, allowing you to sing in the shower with confidence. A little splash never hurt anyone.

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